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Our team is full of passionate people ready to serve missionaries and the people of Alaska. We each come with our own set of skills and experiences that further the mission of The Gear Up Project.



President + Co-founder

Orry spent his college years in Chi Alpha at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. In that ministry, Orry gained a deep love for supporting missions and has dedicated his life to finding ways to serve the missionaries that have become his friends. When he's not working on the North Slope in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, you'll find him in a baseball hat leading The Gear Up Project with his wife, Kayla.



Executive Director + Co-founder

Kayla holds a Bachelor's in Ministerial Leadership from Southeastern University. She was a youth and worship pastor for three years before starting The Gear Up Project with her husband. Kayla is passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus, and also really likes spoiling missionaries. She still leads worship, but spends most of her time leading the day to day operations at The Gear Up Project.



Executive Storyteller

Jake is from Fairbanks, Alaska, and is married to Hannah Browning. Jake holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry Leadership from Northwest University and is passionate about seeing Jesus’ will be done in his life and in the lives of people. This desire led him to accept a position with The Gear Up Project in August of 2021 as the organization's Executive Storyteller.



Head of Creative

Hannah is married to Jake Browning and is a former church intern and current online student working towards a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Hannah has always been passionate about the Alaskan villages. Hannah joined the Gear Up Project to utilize that passion through her creative gifts on staff as Head of Creative. When she’s not working, you can find her in line for coffee. 



Board Member + Treasurer

Cathy has been working for the State of Alaska for the past 20+ years as a regional financial manager. Her ability to assess and adjust budgets to meet goals is invaluable as she serves on our board of directors. Cathy is also passionate about missions and as a life-long Alaskan, is excited about what God is doing in the communities here. At The Gear Up Project, Cathy serves as the treasurer and oversees financial giving.

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